Kooring Coding Zone

Be Future Ready!

We provide ultimate XR Active Learning System

인공지능 시대를 이끄는 차세대 Leader를 양성하기 위해 Kooring Coding Lab은
다차원적 사고력을(multidimensional thinking) 기를 수 있는 coding total system을 제공합니다.


Our vision is to become a beacon for the global advancement of immersive experiential education


Self-Leadership : Be in charge of yourself
Courage : Be courageous to fail again & fail better
Innovation : Empower creativity
Responsibility : Accepting differences and be responsible of your actions
Challenging : Continuously Challenging
Community : From self to community

  • STEAM Activities
  • AR Coding Guiding System
  • VR Coding Simulation
  • Learning Monitoring System
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Students, parents, teachers, and policymakers will benefit greatly by recognizing the foundational importance of coding and computer science in our education curricula

- Michael Honda Former U.S. Congressman, California

코딩은 문제 해결능력과 분석 기술을 가르치며, 사고력을 성장시키고 틀에서 벗어나 생각하도록 합니다. 프로그래밍은 아이들에게 논리적 사고와 추론을 가르치고 글쓰기나 말하기와 같은 다른 의사소통 방법을 알려줍니다