Kooring Wonderland Zone

Location Based VR Entertainment System integrated with MD Reward System to offer highest quality of VR experience to the users
원더랜드 존은 귀여운 인공지능 캐릭터 쿠링과 함께 12가지의 다양한
FUNTASTIC VR 경험 및 머천 이벤트가 제공됩니다.
  • SIZE(m)
  • 5 X 5
  • Game & Reward Machine, Lighthouse Stand & Carpet, Figure Statutes, 12 Game Contents
  • Arcade VR Games, Merchandises
  • A/S
  • 1 Year Warranty/Free Maintenance
  • Experiencing VR can be frightening, especially for kids. So we focused on our contents and developed them to accommodate our users by increasing safety factors and decreasing risk factors while providing immersive VR experiences that families can enjoy together.
  • Our core objective is to push the boundaries on bringing highest quality of VR experiences to families by eliminating unnecessary hassles and obstacles.
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