eSports Zone

Dive into the world of Virtual eSports in Kooring eSports Zone designed specifically for kids! With Optimized UX/UI, Observer Mode and Artificial Intelligence based data system, families and kids can spectate and take part in numerous sports games!

SIZE(m) 10 X 10
SPECS 200' Video Wall, 2 ~ 10 X HMDs, 30 Spectators Seats, Hi-Def Screens/Kiosks
SERVICES Playable/Spectating VR eSports Contents (15 Mins Each)
AS 1 Year Warranty/Free Maintenance

Virtual eSports Experience

Virtual Sports at its finest.
Answer: 1-2 Players can play against each other. Reason being 2 players max is due to safety concerns that rises when additional players are added.
Answer: Only requirements is that the player is the age between 5 to 12 years old.,
Answer: There are seats and hi-def monitors which projects the player's match live to spectate while waiting.
Answer: Big matches will be broadcasted live on streaming platforms such as Twitch, AfreecaTV, YouTube and more!